Enrich English Glass 250ml (Set of 6 pcs )

Enrich English Glass 250ml (Set of 6 pcs )

850.00 950.00

Material Glass
Colour Clear
Brand Enrich Plastic
Item Weight 102 grams

Product Description

  • These Glasses are made from the highest quality polycarbonate. This means that you get all of the elegance, feel and texture you would expect from glass but they are  unbreakable. This set contains a Set of 6 large wine Glasses
  • The polycarbonate means that they are strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear and you no longer have to worry about giving them to young children for fear of accidental damages or possible injuries.
  •  Glass is made from Food Grade PolyCarbonate and has been certified to be suitable for use with food and drink. Use them with confidence with any type of drink with no fear of nasties.
  • These Polycarbonate glasses make the ideal gift. Ideal to use for Outdoor event, New year eve, Picnic, Camping, around the Pool, Patio, Party and Boat. Give them knowing they wont just be used for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, but all year round.
  •  This Polycarbonate Glasses are Dishwasher Safe, Suitable for Freezing and are designed to be long lasting and extremely durable and won’t sit on a shelf gathering dust. You’ll find excuses to use them every day.
  • You Can Use Them As Juice, Lemonade, Whiskey, Cocktails, White and Red Wine Glasses   What’s More, It Is Easily Packs Into Your Luggage, Travel Bag or Backpack, Very Convenient for Traveling
  • You can give it to someone else as a birthday present.you can also give it to your teacher in Teacher’s day.Besides,this wine glasses set perfect for Thanksgiving,Valentine’s Day, Wedding Gift,Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc.